Ingredient spotlight: glow-tinting Erythrulose

By Alexandra Brousset

Get to know Erythrulose: your secret ingredient for a natural-looking and healthier sun tan, minus the UV damage and dryness.

Your secret ingredient for a natural-looking and healthier sun tan, minus the UV damage and dryness.

Peeling chests. Smelling like a cookie. Streaking in the rain – and not in a good way. Chances are, at some point in the past you’ve suffered from the indignity of a bad bottle tan, but still don’t want to turn to the sunbed and all its associated skin damage and aging qualities. Enter Erythrulose: a natural sugar that reacts with your skin for a long-lasting, healthy-looking tan with no negative side effects.

What actually is it?

Erythrulose is what’s known as a “keto-sugar”, a yellow to reddish sugar usually found through corn or red berries through a process of fermentation. It reacts with amines, peptides and amino acids within the outermost layer of the skin to produce melanoidins: polymers that give the appearance of a natural-looking suntan, similar to the effect of a UV-based suntan, but without the skin damage to match.

How will it make me feel?

As well as being a healthier way to get a sun-kissed glow, Erythrulose doesn’t have that biscuity fake tan smell and doesn’t dry out your skin. It also dries faster, lasts longer, streaks less than your standard tanner, and is non-toxic without any side-effects.

What does it do, though?

Erythrulose reacts with the amines, peptides and amino acids of the outer layer of the skin over time to produce melanoidins, meaning that although you should see an instant glow, it takes longer to fully develop. However, this slower reaction is also gentle on the skin and penetrates more deeply, giving a more natural-looking, non-peeling, and long-lasting tan. If properly applied and maintained, you can expect to keep your color for at least 10 days, even after showering or sweating.

How do I use it?

By using an easy-to-apply tinting water formulated with Erythrulose, you can build your tan up over time for a more subtle, radiant and natural effect, while also providing essential moisture to the skin and keeping it deeply hydrated. Try our Ourika Instant Glow Tinting Water, which has been formulated with Erythrulose for your most natural tan ever – we call it glow to go.

Find it in:

Ourika Sun Instant Glow Tinting Water

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